Dental Implant Turkey

Implant method applies for missing teeth in the mouth. It is actually a screw shaped articifial tooth root. Its main ingredients are titanium, it quickly adapts to the root of the tooth.

When should the implant be made?

Loss of teeth harms the person both aesthetically and physically. In addition to a bad look, it causes chewing disorders, slipping of the jaw and melting of the tooth bones.

Who can be treated with implants?

It can apply who adopting jaw bone implant screw and with good oral care. If you have weak jaw bone, implant can be applied with advanced techniques.

Implant Treatment in Turkey

Foreign patients prefer Turkey for implant treatment with the rapid development of the health sector in Turkey. There are some reasons for this:

  • Providing professional and effective solutions
  • Lower costs
  • Tourism opportunity with implant treatment

Dental Implant Turkey

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